Our Goals

Mountain Traders Goal #1

To Establish a Strong & More Self Sufficient Local Economy

COME WHAT MAY…now is the time for communities to begin to look to themselves for providing resources rather than to corporate chain stores & online entities that are:

  1. Increasingly limited on product
  2. Rationing
  3. Requiring excessive personal information such as social security numbers, etc

Although we do not exclude the entities completely ourselves as of yet, we do feel that a shift is necessary for our local economy to survive regarding the times upon us.

Our Focus is to Promote Buying & Trading Locally Using Local Resources By:

  1. Providing a Location for the Community to Buy & Sell Goods
  2. Networking & Marketing Locally for Sale of Goods Not on Premises
    We sell goods that are inconvenient to bring to the storefront, including farm animals, heavy equipment, etc
  3. Sharing with Locals Skills & Traders for Hire in the Area
    While there are individuals in the area known for their skills & are often booked up for weeks or months, there are others not as well known by the community that may be able to provide services just as good & in a timely manner

Mountain Traders Goal #2

Establishing Trust Not Found in Chain Stores

Small businesses are more likely to help neighbors in times of crisis than large corporations. This si a good reason to get to know & shop with your mom & pop places. As local business owners, although important, we do not expect every visit from neighbors to result in purchases. We are happy to meet our neighbors and know how they are getting along. That’s one reason we provide FREE COFFEE. It’s not all about us.

Goal for Mountain Traders & Building Community Relationship

  1. To get to know your neighbors by name, making them feel welcome
  2. To provided a venue for locals to support themselves
  3. To be ready to make changes as necessary to our store shelves, as needs of the community change
  4. To be ready to contact citizens of the community, or create a messaging chain, for individuals or families with needs or in crisis
  5. To provide a meeting place and help create a barter system in times of trouble
  6. To provide catalogue shopping for our many customers who choose not to have the internet. COFFEE IS ALWAYD FREE in Mountain Traders, so why not sit and enjoy shopping?
  7. To promote other local businesses & skilled individuals. Now is not the time for local businesses to see each other as competing enemies. As the Bible says, “A house divided cannot stand.” We have witnessed this. If another local business has what we do not, we’ll point you in their direction. We hope for the same mutual support.

We understand that all that is listed here looks rather pretty on paper…or on the computer. However, we cannot do this alone. It’s going to take all of us to continue to keep North Idaho…North Idaho. It’s time to stop worrying about Washington D.C., or even Boise for that matter. We can’t affect what goes on there as much as we can right here in our own backyard. In our own little square of this country we have family, friends, and neighbors worth looking after. When you come in and shop at Mountain Traders, you are helping to support not only our own family, but over 200 other families and individuals that believe in what Mountain Traders stands for.